6 thoughts on “Nic’s Popsicle Stick Bridge”

  1. Excellent work!

    I am interested in this quote:

    “But after weighing the truss structure it was calculated that the truss would have a final weight of over 300grams which would lead to a decrease in efficiency.”

    Why would the increase in mass contribute to a decrease in efficiency? Surely this would occur ONLY if there was not also an increase in strength?

    The extra layers are not empty calories – they contribute to the strength of the bridge as well as adding to the width of the bridge. This second point would have helped limit the sideways bowing (I assume this is what you meant by “ballooned out”) where the load was applied, so could well have increased the efficiency.

  2. Hey, So im the guy that made the bridge and just found it out on here.. Ok so i yes i understand what you are saying but it got to a point where the deadline for the bridge was soon and by adding too much weight to it and not letting it dry the glue wouldn’t dry and it would add to the weight.. I didnt have any g clamps so i had to use pegs… This is what caused it to bow out because every second glue wasn’t as strong as its previous.. Thats why it bowed.. If i had used g clamps i would have got a better score..

    There was also limits to the bridge width and height in the competition..

  3. sir, i m going to design same bridge as you have been designed. Sir i request you to plse help in preparing my popsicle bridge. Sir i want to know the procedure of how to make it..??
    please help me..its urgent

  4. This is like the smartest bridge design I’ve seen in my entire life. Well done mate. Going to need to kinda borrow this design for a physics project if you don’t mind. Which I hope you don’t mind at all.


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