5 thoughts on “First attempt at a DIY model bridge”

  1. Joe, nicely built bridge. What inspired you to make it? I am curious about the wood and glue you used. It doesn’t look like Balsa wood from the photos. Is this a just for fun bridge or were you planning something specific for it?

    Thanks for sharing the photos.

  2. At a chance of offending any of you hardcore bridge builders.. i couldn’t actually tell you what wood it is. After looking around your website i went out on the hunt for balsa or basswood but it seems it’s not to popular over here in England. So i basically just went for the cheapest and “thinnest” wood i could find. As for the glue it was just the wood adhesive sold in that same shop. (I’m hoping to learn more about model making materials as i make more)

    It wasn’t built with any specific purpose, I don’t think I could bring myself to test it to destruction thats for sure! Plus I need to keep hold of it.. I’m in the process of applying to univercity (for a Masters in Civil Engineering) so incase i need to do any kind of presentations or interviews a few model bridges might come in handy.

    Watch this space, coming soon is a suspension bridge.



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