Popsicle Bridge Plans

“Who else wants ready-to-print blueprints for your popsicle stick bridge?”

Imagine being able to instantly download blueprints and building instructions for making a popsicle bridge.

I have been hard at work designing, building, and testing several models of popsicle stick bridges. My models turned out so well I wanted to make the designs available to you. Now you can get sweet, printable blueprints to help you ace a school project, impress your friends, or just for fun. All you need is a color printer. If you or your child has been feeling overwhelmed by a bridge building assignment, here is an excellent solution.

To People Who Want To Build A Popsicle Bridge — But Can’t Get Started

  • You don’t have to waste time and effort trying to design a bridge
  • My plans make it super easy for you to build the bridge
  • You don’t have to pay a dime for shipping
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Take a look at one of the many pages contained in the building instructions. Every step is clearly explained with photos. These plans take all the guess-work out of building a popsicle stick bridge. Feel free to print the plans below if needed for a better look.


Just try and build a bridge on your own and you will realize how difficult it can be. But it doesn’t have to be with my easy plans.

Here is what one of hundreds of people who have bought my plans said…

I did build the bridge just as your blueprint showed and it turned out perfect. It had to hold my daughter’s science book and it did. As a matter of fact, the teacher put at least 8 more books on top and it still held up.

Thanks for all of your help because I had no idea how we were going to build it without your website and what you offered.

Yolanda Hananiya
Purchased Plans For Popsicle Bridge #1

For the amount of work that I have put into these blueprints, I could easily charge upwards of $20 a set. In fact, I could charge whatever I wanted because no one else is selling popsicle stick bridge plans. But no, I decided to virtually give them away at an extremely low price from $9.95. Now you can get these plans for less than $8 a set!

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Proven Tips, Tools and Tactics To Build A Popsicle Bridge

I have won many competitions with my knowledge of the secrets of model bridge building. I have poured that knowledge into these plans. I started building bridges back in 2000, and these plans are the culmination of 9 years of hard work.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend all that hard work, which takes time and energy. Instead, all you have to do is download these plans, and you will have The Quick And Easy Way To Build A Popsicle Bridge. Not only will it be easy, but it will be quality, because I have spent a long time designing and testing these bridge designs.

Yes! These Super Easy Building Instructions Will Help You Learn How To Build A Popsicle Bridge With Ease!

All my plans come with complete building instructions. These instructions make the building process super easy. All you have to do is follow the pictures.

The building instructions use pictures to explain everything in detail. Every step in building process has a picture, and a picture paints a thousand words. You will find these instructions to be priceless to you as you build the popsicle bridge.

I stand by my products. My dad taught me since I was young to only offer something worth offering. My dad encouraged me to be the best at what I did. The quality of these plans shows this goal of mine, and I know you will be completely satisfied. Read what other students wrote about my plans:

The plans that I purchased helped me pass my class in school. It rated 2nd out of the whole eighth grade. The only weight the teacher had was 50 lbs and my bridge held that easy! Thanks to your plans I received extra credit and passed my class!
Devin Caviness
Purchased Plans For Popsicle Bridge #1
Hello Garrett,

The plans where purchased for my 12 year old grandson to help with a school science project. My father and brother are both bridge buiding engineers so it was very interesting that this was a preferred topic for Logan to do for school. He was not only able to follow the plans but also do a modified design to compare the arched bridge with. He came 3rd place in his school and went though to the area competitions. Although he wasn’t placed here it was an enormous achievement for a shy boy.

Thank you very much for your clear and achievable bridge design, I can not offer any ideas on improvement.

Janice Corbishley

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