World’s Longest Popsicle Stick Bridge

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Here is the story of the Prairie Popsicle Stick Bridge told in video format. As far as I know, this is the longest working popsicle stick bridge that a person can walk across. If you know of a longer bridge that does the same, please let me know. The largest popsicle bridge was built back in 2008 in my dorm room at Prairie Bible College. For many nights I slept on the floor, as I was using my bed space as a worktable to glue the bridge together. This bridge is long, it is large, and super cool.

The testing of this bridge was a community event, as you can see the large number of people gathered to watch. This bridge definitely is one of my favorites that I have built over the years. Two years later people are still talking about it at the school.

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  1. What if the bridge is made with popcicle sticks and Toothpicks? And it does the same thing .Will it still beat your record . But won’t it stay the same because you built the longest popcicle stick bridge this might be considered to be the worlds largest popcicle stick & toothpick bridge?


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