Getting Started

Want to build a model bridge but don’t know where to start? I’ve got you covered. I have spent long time building bridge models for fun and competitions, and I want to share my knowledge with you.

More than that, I want to turn building a model bridge into a fun and rich experience. I want you to learn about engineering fundamentals without getting lost or overwhelmed.

This website has been designed as a resource for you to dig into, as deep as you want. You can start by:

Download “5 Steps” Ebook

The ebook gives a good overview of how to build a model bridge from scratch. If you are new to this subject, this ebook will give a working knowledge of what you need to know.

Get Kits and Plans

If you are looking for something very direct and easy to follow, check out my blueprints and model bridge kits.

Explore This Website

Main Categories

These three sections cover a lot. Start with these, and then explore the other smaller sections.

You can find quick links to them under the “Model Bridge Info” tab on the main menu. The Design and Building categories have tons of articles written about various aspects (you guessed it) of building and designing bridges. For instance, I talk about different types of trusses, Lateral Bracing, Aspect Ratio, and share my thoughts and experiences from several of my personal bridges in the Design category. In the Building section I have basic information such as wood selection, joints, and glue choice. I also delve into some advanced topics such as Balsa stiffness, cutting your own wood strips, and bending wood.

Photos and Case Studies (Videos included)

I have numerous pictures from all the years I constructed bridges and towers. I have also collected photos from several competitions and have highlighted the better performing bridges. In addition, I went to YouTube to gather the best videos. I even made my own music video featuring a model bridge called the Bridge Builder Blues. It sounds corny but is rather quite fun.

If you have pictures of your own model bridge, you can submit them to me and I will post them here.

Links and Resources

As much as I have tried, my website is not the end-all-be-all website of model bridges. I recognize this, and will direct you to other resources when necessary.

Searching for Specific Information

You can use our Site Search to locate a specific piece of information.