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There are 5 tabs at the top right of each page. These are your keys to the wealth of information contained in this website. Click the main tab to go to the complete list of articles in that category. The drop-down list contains quick links to popular pages within that category.


I bet you were just dying to know see a photo of me ;). Now you can (WARNING: Geek alert). Also under this tab is the complete sitemap, contact info, and privacy policy.

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There is a search function on the right sidebar of every page. It works well and I recommend that you try it out to find information that you are looking for. has been my pet project for the past 6 years. I have written over 100 articles with tips, advice, and photos of model bridges. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to write new content or build bridges myself. This means that new content on this website is generated by you. You can submit your own photos and make a post about a bridge you have built. If you have found this website helpful, I would encourage you to let us see your bridge on here.